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You may be one hell-of-a cook in the kitchen, but when you step outside and go eyeball to eyeball with a hunk of metal that has a live fire, a worthless thermometer, and chunk of expensive meat, you'll be stepping in new territory.
There are specialized tools, techniques, and concepts to master before you can become a pitmaster and earn the kudos of family, friends, and get properly cooked food to the table on time.

Each Class provides detailed, interactive instruction, and tips and tricks of the trade, to take your BBQ skills to the next level. Bask in BBQ greatness while you feast on mouth-watering samples and take notes in your BBQ manual.

During this class you – the students – will learn how to smoke or grill some potatoes, turn a flank steak, perfectly grill some bacon, stuff some pork chops, grill some portobello mushrooms and learn what a great delight scallops on a skewer can be.

In addition all of the students will learn how to cook salmon 4 different ways – of which all of the methods can be used for other types of fish. You'll top of the class by learning how to properly prepare a large T Bone steaks and learn how to properly bring them to temperature.
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